Jolly Roger

The Jolly Roger pedal boat was one of my childhood toys. I probably got this when I was 3-4 years old back in 1967/68.

For years we’d ride the boat in my parents basement in the town of Danvers Ma. As I got older my guess is I tried to play mechanic and took the boat motor apart and was never able to put back together. Over the years my younger sister Debbie also enjoyed the boat and would take outside to play with.

As we grew older and moved away to start our own families, the grandkids and cousins would always find the boat in the basement of my parent’s house and continue the tradition of enjoying the toy. There it was used for many years. My dad would clean out his basement from time to time, but always made sure to keep the boat in a safe spot.

Then in the fall of November 2006, their Danvers neighborhood on Bates St. was shook with a terrific explosion from the nearby chemical processing plant. The whole neighborhood was devastated; over 30 homes were destroyed including my parents, the boat survived. In the spring of 2007 a new home was built for them.

The Jolly Roger was spared and found a new home in a new basement. The boat continued to find children eager to give it a ride.

In the spring of 2015, my mom passed away, followed shortly thereafter by my dad in Jan 2016. As we went thru the home and belongings, the Jolly Roger sat idle.

It only made sense to keep and preserve the boat as memento to our childhood. I took it back to Stow Ma and stored it our garage. Then this past spring my sister Debbie shared the news she was expecting her first child in the fall, what a perfect tribute to my parents and family than to present the boat to her a gift to share with her daughter. A complete restoration brought the boat back to 1968.

To all the crew at your shop, thanks so much for bringing this boat back to life. Thanks – Mike Marland