Paintless Dent Removal

Dents are one of the most common effects a collision has on a vehicle, and sometimes, they’re the only damage caused by one. The collision repair industry has developed effective ways to repair dents, like paintless dent removal, so that consumers don’t have to replace expensive auto parts after minor fender benders.

Why is Dent Removal Necessary?

Although a dent may seem like minor damage, and at first, it may be, they can also cause other issues. The biggest potential problem caused by a dent is rust. Salt, dirt, air, humidity, and other things can get under the paint, and when rust spreads, the panel will need to be replaced to stop the degradation of your car.

Dents change the shape of a vehicle, which, depending on how bad the dent is, can compromise the structural integrity of your vehicle. It’s important for your safety to have dents inspected before brushing them off as unnecessary or aesthetic repairs.

What is Paintless Dent Removal?

Instead of removing the dented part and replacing it with a new piece, paintless dent removal allows the dent to be repaired. Usually, it involves pushing the dented piece back into place from behind, which allows the outside of the vehicle to remain in one piece and leaves the paint unaffected.

Why is Paintless Dent Removal Useful?

In addition to repairing a dent instead of replacing the dented piece, when paintless dent removal is an option, it can be faster, easier, and lead to better looking results than other kinds of dent removal.

● Because the paint is not affected in paintless dent removal, there is no need to match a new paint color to the old one. This can help the resale value of the vehicle.
● Dent removal is the only necessary task, with the possibility of removing a dented piece to get to the other other side of it. Paintless dent removal is a simple process that doesn’t take much time – it can usually be finished in just one day.
● Avoiding repainting means avoiding chemical solvents, paints, and other potentially harmful materials. Paintless dent removal is an environmentally and people friendly option for repairing your vehicle post collision.
Unfortunately, paintless dent removal isn’t an option for every dent or every vehicle. If you have a dented vehicle and you’re looking for a fast and environmentally friendly option, ask your collision repair technician if paintless dent removal will work for you.